1971 Bonanza A-36


This beautiful 1971 Beachcraft Bonanza A-36 is excellent for longer trips. It has a well-stocked instrument panel that includes an STEC 55x autopilot. This plane requires 200TT, complex, and high endorsements to check out, but it’s a great flyer!

$295 per Hobbs hour/wet

10 Hour Minimum CFI Checkout Required
200 TT and Complex and High Performance Endorsements Required

Pilot Operating Handbook
Weight and Balance
GNS 530W Pilot Guide
GNS 430 Pilot Guide
Garmin 530W Pilot Guide
Garmin 530W Quick Reference
STEC 55x Autopilot Manual
JPI EDM 800 Manual
Shadin Altitude Mgt System Manual

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