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The Aircraft Owners and Pilot’s Association ranked In the Pattern the #1 pilot training program in the nation because we spent a lot of time developing a customer experience that prioritizes their love of aviation.

We’re in the business of helping our customers achieve what is often a lifelong dream, and we take that responsibility seriously. If you’ve always wanted to be a pilot, you can entrust that dream to In the Pattern’s dedicated flight instructors.

Become A Pilot

Pilot Training in Granbury, TX

In the Pattern offers several courses of study that will help you get the license or certification you’ll need.
They include on-ground instruction, in-flight hours, plane rental, and any testing the certificate requires.

Sport Pilot

A sport pilot’s license is one of the simplest to get, and though it does have some restrictions, people often look at it as a gateway to the skies.

If you’re looking to acquire a sport pilot’s license, In the Pattern offers a package deal that will walk you through the entire process.

Private Pilot

A private pilot’s license is often one of the best ways to get introduced to flying. It will allow you to fly freely so long as you don’t charge for your service. It’s the most common pilot license.

If you’re interested in becoming a proficient aviator, our private pilot course is an excellent launching point to teach you the basics and get you well on the way to acquiring your license.

Commercial Pilot

Your commercial pilot’s license will allow you to accept payment for any flying you do. It’s the entryway to making your living in the sky and is essential for those who want to make aviation a cornerstone of their life.

In the Pattern offers a commercial pilot training course that will provide you with ground instruction, monitored flight time, and everything else you need to get your license and start a career in aviation.

Instrument & Multi-Engine Certification in Granbury, TX

Instrument Rating

After getting your license, the next logical step is to get your instrument rating. It will allow you to fly in inclement weather and other sub-optimal conditions.

In the Pattern’s instrument rating course will prepare you to get your certificate and really start to experience the open skies.

Private & Commercial Multi-Engine

If you want to fly further, faster, and with more passengers, then it’s essential that you get your multi-engine certification.

Whether you’re a private or commercial pilot, In the Pattern offers multi-engine certification courses that will help you get certified.

Certified Flight Instructor Training in Granbury, TX

Certified Flight Instructor

If you’re looking to share your passion for aviation with others, becoming a certified flight instructor is a way to do that–and a career.

As passionate aviation instructors ourselves, we’ve designed a program that provides you the essential training and skills you need to get certified.

Multi-Engine Instructor Certification

A multi-engine instructor certification is a logical next step after getting your instructor & multi-engine certifications.

In the Pattern’s multi-engine instructor certification will ensure that you’re able to get the instruction and flight time you need to meet FAA minimums for certification.

It’s About the Experience

A Community Dedicated to Sharing Our Passion

In the Pattern was founded to be able to help those who’ve always dreamed of becoming a pilot. We’re more than a flight school–we’re a community dedicated to sharing a passion for aviation with others.

If you’re interested in becoming a pilot or getting certified, contact us today to speak with a representative and learn more about our programs.

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