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In The Pattern Flight School is where you can EXPERIENCE AVIATION in North Texas! We are your one-stop solution for all levels of flight training from beginner to professional pilot! 

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At In The Pattern we specialize in helping you achieve your aviation goals from wherever you may be in life. Our passion lies in creating a community of pilots, enthusiasts and students who share a common love for all things aviation. 

We strongly believe in building long-lasting relationships, and we have dedicated ourselves to establishing a supportive team who are always willing to lend a helping hand to everyone in the ITP family in their pursuit of their passions and goals. Whether you are looking to begin your flight training for a career in aviation or a s bucket list dream, or you already hold a pilot's license and wanting the next step, In The Pattern is the perfect place for you to be!

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Client Testimonials

Ty Flippin Commercial Pilot

ty flippin

"I met Sherman Gardner through a mutual friend 5 years ago when he started In The Pattern. Throughout the time I have known him, I have admired the business he has built and the service it is to our aviation community. It is no surprise that ITP has been voted the Best Flight School in the country for the past 2 years. I highly recommend you check them out for your flight training needs!"

Lynn DePaul portrait private pilot

Lynn DePaul

"In The Pattern is such an amazing family owned flight school. I received my Private Pilot through the school and now going through instrument training. There is such a warm feeling from the first interaction with Sherman and Darren (owners) to the flight instructors and mechanics. They have a wide variety of planes to fit every budget and aviation dream. Come visit In The Pattern and join the family!"

Cameron Shayman

"I completed my multi engine rating through In The Pattern and had an amazing experience. The owner, Sherman, was very friendly, helpful, and made sure I had everything I needed to succeed. My instructor, Andrew, went above and beyond to ensure my training was completed smoothly. Every employee at the school was welcoming and they create a family environment you don’t see at many places nowadays. As a CFI myself I know from experience and I can say without a doubt ITP is the best flight school I’ve flown with! Thanks again y’all!"

Matt Masroor

"In The Pattern is more a family than a just a flight school. It is a team of dedicated professionals that will bring out the best of their students. A national award winner in the industry, this school brings the beauty of very friendly environment, persistent quality of training, and passion for imparting hands on learning. The school will work with you closely to address your needs - whether you are a young individual aspiring to succeed as a professional pilot, or want to pursue your passion for flying while having a super busy demanding career outside of aviation. I would strongly recommend ITP for all your flight training needs - FIVE STAR rating all the way!"

Emily Scott

"After hearing about ITP and checking out the school it seemed too good to be true. Their own maintenance department, friendly/knowledgeable staff, and a number of planes to work with! I knew this school was the one for me when I left feeling like I was already at home. It feels like the owner genuinely cares about his students and staff which speaks volumes for me. I’m enjoying every step of this process with ITP, and wouldn’t have it any other way! Thank you to everyone at ITP. Y’all are the best!"

Shelly Lewis

"I was searching for a flight school in the DFW area with good airplanes and talented flight instructors. I found both at ITP, but that’s not all. What I found was a community that welcomed a complete stranger from the first day I set foot in the hangar. The owner, Sherman Gardner, called me after my first lesson just to make sure everything went ok and ask for feedback. WHAT!? Amazing! That’s putting your customers first. After a couple weeks of training at ITP I realized I found something else: FAMILY. Everyone from the students, mechanics, and instructors are top shelf. I feel right at home when I walk in to the ITP space. There is truly something special going on over there. Don’t take my word for it, go see for yourself."

Experience Aviation

In The Pattern was built on a passion for aviation and a dream of building a long-lasting community of pilots, students, and aviation enthusiasts. We want to share the beauty of aviation with everyone who has an interest in it. Every aspect of In The Pattern has been carefully crafted to help us share this wonderful passion. If you’re interested in training, contact us today and learn how we can help you Experience Aviation!

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