Below are items that all In The Pattern (ITP) pilots must abide by. By signing this agreement, you agree to follow all policies listed below. Failure to adhere to these policies can lead to suspension and/or termination of your flight privileges with In The Pattern. Pilots will be notified via email of any updates to this agreement.


  • Only In The Pattern employed flight instructors are authorized to provide flight instruction in ITP aircraft.
  • Fees and scheduling are managed by In The Pattern through our scheduling and billing software.
  • Consult the scheduling software for approved instructors and their schedules.
  • Instructor fees start at $70 an hour, with a one hour minimum.


  • Reservations are made in two-hour blocks on our scheduling and billing software.
  • Please make prior contact/arrangements with the instructor before making a reservation less than 24 hours before the time of the reservation.
  • Students are expected to be on time for their lessons. Time is a valuable commodity and should be respected and used wisely. A late fee of $25 will be charged if the student is 15-30 minutes late. If the student is more than 30 minutes late, they will be charged a no-show fee of $70. We understand life happens, so if students know they are going to be late, they need to contact their instructor as soon as possible.
  • There is a minimum one hour charge for instruction per flight.
  • Students will be assigned a primary instructor for their flight training and are required to schedule only with that instructor. No exceptions will be made without approval from the Executive Team (Owner, FSD, AFSD, Ops Director, CS Coordinator).
  • Flight instruction in In The Pattern aircraft must be done by an ITP employed instructor. No outside instructors are allowed to instruct in ITP aircraft.
  • Flight instructors employed by In The Pattern are not normally available for flight instruction in privately owned or provided aircraft. Contact the ITP office for these inquiries.
  • For multi-engine training, all multi-engine aircraft will be moved by an ITP employee. Students are stricly prohibited from moving any multi-engine aircraft.


  • There is a minimum of 4 hours of aircraft usage charged per 24 hour reservation period.
  • There is a minimum of 2 hours of aircraft usage charged per overnight for each overnight reserved.
  • Aircraft available for long haul and overnight reservations: Cherokee 180, Cessna 182, and Comanche 250.
  • Aircraft available for 2-4 hour reservation blocks: Vashon Ranger, Cessna 152, and Cessna 172. Longer blocks (2+ hours) of the Vashon Rangers, Cessna 152s, and Cessna 172s are available Monday-Saturday after 5:00pm and any time Sunday or holidays that normal business operations are closed. These are our primary training aircraft. Checkrides and active student training reservations will get priority. Reservations may be rescheduled and/or cancelled by the Executive Team as necessary without advanced notice.
  • Our multi-engine aircraft are available primarily for training. Time-building with an ITP multi-engine rated instructor can be done based on aircraft and instructor availability. Contact the ITP office for time-building inquiries.
  • Scheduled reservations may have to be adjusted or cancelled if the airplane is needed for maintenance and/or training purposes, especially for students getting ready for checkrides or for checkrides themselves.
  • Any additional fees (landing, tie-down, etc.) at other airports are the pilot's responsibility. ITP does not pay for or reimburse pilots for landing, tie down, or other miscellaneous taxes and service charges. If any fee gets billed to In The Pattern incurred by the pilot, the original fee assessed by that airport or organization will be billed to the pilot's account.
  • Any cancellation for whatever reason needs to be made with at least 24 hours notice, if possible. We understand things happen, however cancellation less than 24 hours in advance and no shows will be charged a $70 fee.


  • Should any maintenance discrepancies arise during a reservation, the pilot must immediately contact ITP. If it is outside normal business hours, the pilot will make every effort to contact ITP personnel (including but not limited to phone calls, voicemails, text messages, and emails to their instructor and the ITP office). The pilot will allow a reasonable timeframe for ITP personnel to respond before securing the aircraft and vacating the location.
  • Pilots are not permitted to tamper with or attempt to repair any part of the airplane or its accessories and must coordinate with ITP personnel for instructions upon encountering mechanical malfunctions. ITP does not authorize any pilot to seek repairs for the aircraft outside of the ITP maintenance department. If aircraft tampering occurs, the cost of repairs will be charged to the pilot's account at the discrestion of ITP.
  • If the aircraft is abandoned or vacated away from the ITP home based airport (for weather, mechanical issues, etc.), the pilot will be responsible for any expenses, personal or business related, incurred to return the pilot and/or passengers/instructor to the aircraft/pilot's home base. This includes but is not limited to all flight time, the current hourly instructor rate, transportation cost, mileage fees, lodging, taxi or ride share options, etc. Additionally,, the pilot will be responsible for securing the aircraft and keys in a manner which will prevent further damage, loss, or theft. All flight time and discrepancies will be notated specifically and logged correctly in the aircraft's key binder as well as supporting photographic evidence for review by ITP personnel. Any event requiring a rescue flight will be reviewed and approved by an ITP Executive Team member.
  • If there is a chance/risk of inclement weather, the pilot should make every attempt to secure and house the aircraft in a hangar or covered parking with tie-downs, chalks, and gust locks as well as complete a thorough inspection of the aircraft after said weather has passed.
  • If the pilot is unable to return due to weather and needs to rent a car, they are encouraged to do so at the pilot's expense.
  • No pilot should be overcome by "get-home-itis" or should fly in weather they are not comfortable or qualified to fly in.
  • The pilot is responsible for any damage or airport fees incurred.


  • In The Pattern will reimburse fuel purchases away from Denton up to $6.00 per gallon. All receipts must be turned in to the In The Pattern office within 30 days of the flight to be eligible for reimbursement.
  • All flights should be completed with at least one hour of fuel reserve.
  • Please make sure the master switch is off at the conclusion of each flight. A $75 shop fee will be assessed to your account if the battery is low and/or needs charged or jump started. If the battery is damaged and needs replacement, the pilot will be responsible for the cost of the new battery; the approximate cost is $900.
  • Clean the airplane inside and out. Pick up all trash, buckle seat belts, and put the aircraft bin in a place easily accessible to the next pilot. Clean all leading edges and glass on the airplane. If this is not handled, a $25 fee may be assessed to your account.
  • Any damages due to negligence (incorrect fuel, oil level out of specifications, moving aircraft by hand, etc.) are the responsibility of the pilot and repairs/remediation will be charged to your account/insurance.
  • If a pilot chooses to abandon ITP aircraft away from the aircraft base (e.g. a maintenance issue), all expenses incurred by ITP in repairing and returning the plane will be charged to the pilot at the discretion of ITP. Any travel fees (Uber, commercial flights, etc.) are the sole responsibility of the pilot.
  • Open the hangar doors fully to ensure safe movement of the aircraft into and out of the hangar. Make full use of available personnel to help walk the wings of the aircraft to ensure clearance when towing the aircraft through the open hangar doors and to avoid conflicts with other aircraft or equipment in or around the hangar.
  • Only airports that are paved, marked, and open to the public will be utilized for all flights. Paved means asphalt or concrete runways. Marked means using standard FAA runway markings. Grass and other unimproved runways are prohibited.
  • Only runways that are 3000 feet in length or greater are approved for use by ITP aircraft. Proficiency is expected for the runway/airport pilots are operating at.
  • For solo reservations, flights are not allowed if winds are greater than 30 knots, sustained or gusting, and/or if the crosswind component exceeds demonstrated crosswind per the POH of the aircraft, or 17 knots, whichever is the lesser. However, an instructor and/or chief pilot may approve or disapprove flights for any wind-related reason.
  • User accounts will be marked as inactive 60 days after the last flight with ITP. Inactive accounts will not be able to schedule any reservations and must call the office for assistance. If an account is marked inactive, the pilot may be subject to a waiting list, based on current demand, before flight privileges may begin again.
  • Users can request a withdrawel of funds from their account at anytime with a 10% fee witheld. Please allow up to 30 days for a refund. All requests need to be in writing via regular mail or email. Refunds will be sent by check through the mail.
  • There is a fuel surcharge that changes with the price of fuel. This allows us to keep aircraft rates as consistent as possible but also operate with the fluctuating cost of fuel. The surcharge ranges based on each aircraft. The surcharge will be added to each flight at check in.
  • There is a 3.5% surcharge when using credit/debit cards. This can be avoided by paying in cash or by check.
  • Please utilize the Night Drop box located in the Charlie hangar lobby for all night business (fuel receipts, deposits, etc.).


  • All pilots will be required to dispatch and check-in aircraft with the ITP office. Aircraft keys will be kept in designated airplane binders and will need to be signed out via office personnel.
  • Aircraft will be signed out and in on the log found in the binder, which will include the Hobbs and tach times.
  • Each binder has a laminated checklist specifically for that aircraft. This checklist is required to be returned in the binder upon check-in. Please refer to the checklist when pre-flighting and to find other pertinent information for the aircraft.
  • Copies of the Registration, Air Worthiness Certificate, Weight and Balance, and other information can also be found in the binder. These copies DO NOT take the place of the actual documents, so please make sure the actual documents are still in the aircraft.
  • The VOR Equipment Check log is kept in the front pocket of each binder. Conduct VOR checks as necessary/able and record them properly.
  • Upon check-in, each pilot must immediately settle their account balance. If there is no credit balance from a block payment on their account, it must be paid off via the credit card kept on file, cash, or check.


  • The following documents must be uploaded, and kept current, in the user's profile in the scheduling and billing software.
    • Unexpired Driver’s License (or other Government Issued Photo ID, even for minors)
    • U.S. Birth Certificate OR Unexpired U.S. Passport
    • Medical Certificate
    • Pilot Certificate(s)
    • Profile Picture (take in the In The Pattern office by office staff)
    • Non-owner's Insurance Policy
    • For students under the age of 18: Parent/Guardian Unexpired Driver's License (or other Government Issued Photo ID)
  • An unexpired credit card will be kept on file in the scheduling and billing software.
  • Signed copies of this pilot agreement are required to be on file for all pilots. Once this agreement is signed, the ITP office will add a copy into user profiles.


  • All pilots* need to obtain and maintain a “non-owners” primary insurance policy with a hull value coverage of at least $50,000. ("Hull value" can also be referred to as "physical damage to the aircraft".)
  • Insurance must be obtained before starting any flight training.**
  • A copy of your policy needs to be on file with In The Pattern.
  • The pilot accepts responsibility for all physical damage to the aircraft while utilizing the aircraft. The pilot must file any incidents with their non-owner's insurance company, since it will be their primary insurance for incidents.
  • Any pilot must promptly notify In The Pattern if they are involved in an aircraft accident, even if it is not in an In The Pattern Aircraft.
  • Please note, not all insurance policies are accepted by In The Pattern. Not all policies are primary insurance policies, so check with the In The Pattern office before purchasing or renewing a policy.

*Those interested in multi-engine training need to contact the ITP office.

**Minor students under 16 years of age will not be able to obtain insurance until they turn 16. Once the student turns 16, insurance is required to continue training. Please contact the ITP office for more information.


  • All pilots will not allow any person who is not checked out by an ITP instructor, whether pilots or not, to operate In The Pattern aircraft. An approved and active account is required for anyone to operate ITP aircraft.
  • All pilots will fly as PIC from the left seat only, unless right seat privileges are approved.
  • All pilots are required to maintain their currencies (day/night VFR, instrument, etc.) and will not operate ITP aircraft if they are not current.
  • All pilots will not operate In The Pattern aircraft if their FAA Medical, Flight Review, or Insurance is not current.
  • All pilots must have a check out flight in ITP aircraft every 90 days, unless they can show recency of flight experience in general aviation.
  • All pilots will identify and report squawks/discrepancies as they arise and are aware of. 
  • All pilots will maintain and promptly notify In The Pattern of any changes to their telephone numbers, billing address, email, required documents listed above, pilot information/credentials and currency, and credit/debit card(s) information by updating this information themselves in the scheduling and billing software.
  • All pilots are prohibited from operating In The Pattern aircraft for hire or compensation.
  • All pilots need to check their emails and the schedule regulary for aircraft that go down for maintenance or other reasons that will affect their scheduled flights. They need to contact their instructor or the office with any questions in these instances.
  • All pilots will pay any invoice/bill immediately upon receipt and completion of flight. The credit card on file will be charged if there is not a credit balance on their account. All card transactions will incur a 3.5% processing fee.
  • All pilots are expected to dress appropriately for flights. Closed-toe shoes are required to fly. Sandals, flip-flops, slippers/house loafers, high heeled shoes, bare feet, etc. are NOT allowed while operating ITP aircraft. Clothing should be appropriate to flight activities and the weather conditions. Long hair needs to be tied back.
  • All pilots will not utilize camera/videography equipment while flying wheter inside or outside the aircraft, even if the equipment is hands-free. Mounting cameras to the aircraft is strictly prohibited.
  • All pilots will not utilize cell phones in the aircraft unless for emergency purposes or navigation.
  • All pilots and their guests will abide by ITP's no smoking policy. No smoking or vaping is allowed in any ITP aircraft or on any ITP property.


  • In The Pattern utilizes an online software for scheudling and billing. This service collects and processes personal information to provide these services. ITP does not share any personal information other than for internal purposes of conduction day-to-day operations and for approved communication 


  • By signing this pilot agreement and participating with In The Pattern, I hereby grant In The Pattern on behalf of myself, and on behalf of my child(ren), the irrevocable right and permission to photograph and/or record me or my child(ren) in connections with ITP and to use the photograph and/or recording in any publicatoin or publicity materials (including web-based publications such as social media). I waive any right to inspect or approve the use of the photograph and/or recording and acknowledge and agree that the rights granted to this release are without compensation of any kind. 

In The Pattern reserves the right to update these policies and this agreement. Users will be notified of such changes by email. It is recommended that users review this agreement periodically to ensure that they are familiar with the most current version. By continuing to participate with In The Pattern, users consent to the latest version of this agreement.


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